A Brand New Awesome Year 2012 for Me! :D

Hello 2012! My 2012 is going to be beautiful, abundance-filled, loved, romantic and amazing!

I have started my year well with meditation, yoga and doing something i always wanted to do-helping out at the shelter.

I choose to live my life with inner peace, finding balance, reflecting on the best positive outcome for everything i see, hear, taste, feel, smell and think. Isn’t this a brilliant way to live our life :)

There are so many angry people on facebook, forums, stomps, so many channels people can get hold to voice their opinions with a variety of languages, vulgarities…these angry people are mostly hiding behind a computer screen but in actual fact, they are the sorry people you see who would not do something for themselves.

I been to the shelter and walk some dogs, just as people are contributing salt and pepper unnecessarily to an existing fire, the dogs at the shelter are wondering, if their next meal is going to come. If people would come and love them.

Mother nature with all her children (animals, insects, plants and so on..) are our wonderful role models.

Why do humans compete with each other, does that prolong their lives? The trees, the flowers, the animals, obediently live their system. From a seed, to roots, to a plant and to a tree. then to being weak and eventually growing old and passed on. Life has a system. Most people are trying to break the system and no matter how hard they try, they feel small to the possibility of life.

When i look into the eyes of a shelter dog and a stray black cat, i see a yearn for love.

Yesterday i was walking around my block, looking to feed some cats.

I saw one black cat, sitting near some plants at a leisure area. When i went to the cat and put the food down for the cat. The cat look at my eyes with his biggest eyes..for about 7 seconds. It was like the cat was trying to say something. The look was so intense that i have to gesture the cat to eat because i thought the cat might start speaking. haha. Black cats, i think they are also victims of color discrimination. When i walk to a black cat, i do remember people saying about black cats crossing your paths. Superstitions are for the faint hearted. To me, the cat is black because of his fur. The cat is still a cat.It is hungry and thirsty too. It deserve love just like any other cats. :) I sat with the cat making sure it gulped down all the food on the plate. It’s lovely to watch the cat eat.

5th Jan 2012

Yesterday i fed about 6 cats, just as i was wondering where was one of the cats, it started mewing behind me..haha..as if saying ‘i’m here hooman:D  ahah i turned back and aww so cute, the same black cat was mewing softly and looking so sweetly at me. I lol and said,’opps sorry, didnt see you.’ i presented the cat food and it ate so happily.

lovely, lovely to see them :)

As long as i lived, i hope animals and humans and all nature can live harmoniously.

I am watching this TV show now on Ch U – Dining with death.

It’s a documentary that shows how humans eat poisonous insects and animals as delicacies.

I must admit that looking at the extend human kills for food, is definately not appetizing.

Today’s episode is about Eating fiery ants and wasps/bees.

There is something about bees i really respect.

The honeycomb they created. The meticulous, design system, the exact shape of each honeycomb cells is beautiful.

To see them being burnt alive in the honeycomb to be used as food, pains me deeply.

It’s the exact same feeling i get when i saw the scene of fighting bulls being pricked with dozens of arrows..and left to run around  with blood drizzling from it’s back and eventually dropping down to the ground. it’s a scene that made me ran into my room and cry..i was in primary school..also that time when i saw on a malaysia channel, fishermen hanging captured turtles upside down and shooting their eyes with a gun..leaving them to bleed to death..my god…

Perhaps i can’t say i am a pure vegetarian, i can’t say humans who kill animals must all die coz if there is no demand, they would not have to kill for supply.

I ask for peace for all.

I will get used to being a vegetarian.

May all living things who have suffered for human senseless and baseless actions, rest in peace and may you find peace at a higher divine realm.



A proper breath after 8 months..didn’t know i am so exhausted..

It has been a fruitful year for me.

Competitions after competitions.

Projects after projects.

Awards after Awards.

Seeing my students shortlisted for awards.. witnessing them receiving awards, seeing them smile..are snap-shots that will stay with me for the rest of my life :)

Of course there are ups and downs, students who were pessimistic and self-demoralising..makes me wonder why do people treat themselves so badly..I was struggling with students who constantly put themselves down..its amazing how they would find something bad to say about themselves when i say they are good.

My ‘stamina’ to handle students’ competitions was overstretched. I am thankful that Yoga and meditation help me remain sane.

Although there are students who feel like they are born to lose, that they must have been lucky to be shortlisted..

I always feel that everyone is SETUP TO SUCCEED.

I usually get really fed-up when students say ‘its ok we will not win anyway’.

It’s sad that students sabotage their own capabilities. I want them to shine!!

A person fails because he thinks he will fail.

A person succeeds because there is an absence of doubt.


Awesome Adobe Roadshow!

It really excites me when i sat there, at the show, watching a live demo from the experts in video, web and print.

All those Adobe jargons are so familiar and there’s so much i can related to what they are talking about.

One element is almost present in all demos and that is the need for video.

When i majored in Video in the past, i truly did not expect the evolution of it. It’s just amazing.

I wished we have more ICT educators who can interact with students to inspire their learning.

The speakers are wonderful…they are so passionate about their creations and what they do that it just shows on their speeech, their gestures and their face!

One thing for sure, if you are in the creative line then you gotta have a try at CS 5.5..to really keep up with technology.

I have so much to learn !

Happy Vesak Day!

The seven fold rays – Rainbow

Somewhere over the rainbow
Skies are blue,
And the dreams that you dare to dream
Really do come true.


A furry strength..

Did a graphic work on a photo i took of a neighborhood kitty ..

Just want to touch it’s paws :)

Xiao Bai :D

A pleasant awakening to my life:)

Took a shot of a cute girl at Old Airport!

It’s a warm day! 35 degrees! We can fry an egg out on the road!

I just counted the number of books i bought within half a year. Around 12. I don’t buy self-help books to get through rough times because the mentality that there is something sad and you wanna rid it makes you sadder. I buy scientific books. Books that analyses the mind. I went to the predecessor of Law of attraction and trace back how LOA is evolved. After reading 12 books, i got it.

It’s plain simple and i can see why it works and i can see why it will not work on some people. If i can offer them an advise, i’ll probably ask them to do something that alleviates the pain, the sadness or the ‘indescribable’ feeling.

Every thing has it’s due time. You can be sad for a little while but you got to pick yourself up and brace the future :)

I observe the way people conduct themselves. I always hear people complaining and swearing.And these people, are the ones who can never stop complaining and swearing. Everyday there is something, someone and some place that catalyst their complaining and swearing syndromes. Talking about LOA, this is how LOA works. Because a person love to complain so much, more events, people and things will be attracted to you because via LOA, it seems that you are summoning them. Interesting isn’t it. LOA works for the good and bad. It’s neutral and it’s functioning whether you believe it or not.


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